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Jacques Haynes's Articles

The Rights and Responsibilities of a Parent in South Africa

Understanding the rights and responsibilities of a parent in South Africa is crucial for ensuring the well-being and development of children.

Enforcing Child Maintenance: Targeting Pension Funds

In South Africa, child maintenance is a legal obligation that ensures the financial well-being of children.

How to Get Divorced Immediately in South Africa

While the concept of an "immediate" divorce does not exist in South African law, understanding the quickest and most cost-effective ways to dissolve a marriage can help streamline the process.

Child Support/Child Maintenance in South Africa

Child support, otherwise referred to as child maintenance in South Africa, is a crucial aspect of family law.

Child Custody - What You Need To Know About Care & Contact

Child custody is a critical component of family law in South Africa, essential for parents navigating the post-separation or divorce landscape.

Female Rights in the Workplace

In the dynamic landscape of business in South Africa, ensuring gender equality and safeguarding women's rights in the workplace is crucial.

Defamation of Character Explained

Defamation of character is a legal concept that holds significant implications for individuals' reputations and social standing.

Arrest to Trial: Unveiling the Criminal Justice Journey

The criminal justice system forms an integral part of any society, aiming to maintain law and order while safeguarding the rights of individuals accused of crimes.

Medical Malpractice & the Duties of a Practitioner

Medical care is an essential part of our lives, with patients entrusting healthcare professionals with their well-being.

South African Immigration Law and Visa Application

South Africa has emerged as a favoured destination for immigrants, attributed to several factors including its robust economy, cultural diversity, and flourishing tourism industry.

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