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From monthly archives: March 2015

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'March 2015'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

Who is Responsible for water leaks in a Sectional Title Scheme?

Maintenance of a sectional title scheme can appear straightforward, but the reality is that disputes arise frequently regarding maintenance issues relating to sectional title units. This is often the result of the complex relationship of close quarter living and the shared form of ownership represented by sectional titles.

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Mandament van Spolie - Can Someone Take The Law Into their Hands?

The mandament van spolie is a summary remedy, usually issued upon urgent application, aimed at restoring control of property to the applicant from whom it was taken through unlawful self-help, without investigating the merits of the parties’ rights to control. 

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Overlapping of the Consumer Protection Act & National Credit Act

According to section 122 of the National Credit Act, a consumer may terminate the credit agreement at any time. The consumer can do this by paying the settlement amount as calculated in accordance with section 125 of the National Credit Act. 

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Tersydestelling Van Vonnis

Stel jouself voor, die onaangename verrassing as jy onverwags ʼn vonnis by verstek ontvang, as gevolg van ʼn dagvaardiging wat jy nooit ontvang het nie.

Dit is belangrik dat jy bewus is van die prosedures wat gevolg moet word om so ʼn vonnis teen jou ter syde te laat stel.

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