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From monthly archives: January 2015

We are pleased to present below all posts archived in 'January 2015'. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try using the search box.

Sellers' Protection Under Voetstoots Clause Limited

A seller’s protection under the “voetstoots” clause in a deed of sale for immovable property is not as “absolute” as some might think. It is still the seller’s duty to inform prospective purchasers about all latent (hidden) defects in a property. A seller’s failure to do so could cost the seller in the long run

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Who Is Liable For The Damages Caused Due To A Motor Vehicle Accident?

What will happen to my vehicle after I have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and who will be responsible for the damages? Over and above the emotional and economical tension it causes a person and his family, there will always be legal principles that apply

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Trouble With The Neighbours

Your neighbour  is usually a reasonable man, but his trees’ branches overhang into your property, blocking your gutters with leaves, not to mention the root system creeping closer to your home’s foundation. When you confront him, he flatly refuses to do anything about it.

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Facebook's Revenge - Fair dismissal and unfair dismissal

Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites are part of many people’s lives and serve as a useful vehicle for sharing one’s personal views. However, these sites may have unfortunate ramifications.

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Hondebyt En Die Finansiele Risiko Vir Die Eienaar

Na aanleiding van ‘n redelike hoeveelheid hond byt sake wat ons ontvang het en wat in duur litigasie ontaard het, het ons besluit om die risiko’s aan die eienaars uit te wys, hoe aanspreeklikheid ontstaan en hoe om hierdie risiko te ondervang.

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Third Party Claims Against the Road Accident Fund (RAF)

The Road Accident Fund has  created the assurance that public road users will be covered in the event of any motor vehicle accident which caused either injuries or death, and for the losses suffered thereby, such as medical expenses, loss of earnings and even general damage.

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Prevention of Illegal Eviction - Unlawful Occupation Of Land Act

The law provides more protection to the tenant than ever before. It comes as no surprise that landlords feel that the current legislation enables the tenant to avoid paying rent and also offers much more protection to tenants' interests and rights than to those of the landlord.

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Have you dented your criminal record? Criminal Lawyers Cape Town

A criminal record is not something that people should take lightly. The first charge may not land you in jail, but it puts you in many other awkward situations.

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