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Separation & Divorce Lawyers in Cape Town

In South Africa, legal separation has no legal status and is rather an agreement between spouses. Under South African law, one can either be; Unmarried, Married, or Divorced.

The process of obtaining a legal separation follows a similar procedure to filing for a divorce. It therefore requires the assistance of an attorney, divorce lawyers and courts to be legal.

Separation before Divorce

In some cases, the divorce process can take a long time. Some spouses may not wish to stay together until their divorce is finalised and therefore separate.

But what happens during the separation period before a divorce is finalised?

A separation agreement can be drawn up between spouses including terms such as; living arrangements, child maintenance and spousal maintenance, as well as any other terms which might be relevant during the separation.

An example of this would be that one spouse moves into a rental apartment during the divorce process, but that each spouse contributes to the rental amount.

Bailey Haynes – Divorce Lawyers in Cape Town

As mentioned, a separation has no legal status in South and is therefore an agreement that cannot be enforced in court. There are other legal mechanisms available to spouses during divorce proceedings which have some backing by the court and enforcement.

Contact our Divorce Lawyers in Cape Town, for expert legal guidance and advice needed to navigate any procedure concerning separation and divorce.



Who gets parental rights and responsibilities for the child?

Often a big question for couples when they decide to get divorced is what happens with their children.

In this article we will look at what does “rights and responsibilities” mean and who has them.

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Interim Protection Orders explained by our Attorneys in Cape Town

Have you been the victim of verbal, physical or emotional abuse?

If so, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your property from individuals who intend to cause you harm.

In terms of the Protection from Harassment Act one can approach the Magistrates Court to get protection in the form of an Interim Protection Order which protects individuals from harassment which is not considered a crime.

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Corporal punishment - Explained by our Attorneys in Cape Town

What is corporal punishment? It has been defined as “any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort, however light” by the United Nations Committee.

A National Survey was conducted in which it was found that 57% of parents use corporal punishment as their chosen disciplinary method and 37% of those parents use objects such as belts, wooden spoons etc., to carry out their discipline.

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